Welcome to Touch of Wellbeing

Relaxation and well-being at work? It's possible!

Relaxation and liveliness are our natural state of being… From this comes creativity

More relaxed employees? That's certainly possible. And it is also desperately needed. Because a relaxed corporate culture creates employees who enjoy their work.

Well-being is growing. Absenteeism due to illness decreases. That's what we want, right?

With more than 20 years of experience in corporate massages, stress management workshops and burnout coaching, we can build on in-depth expertise in this field.

We are a dynamic team of well-trained masseurs, trainers and coaches. We offer a professional, tailor-made service in various areas of stress management.

And we also enjoy our work!



Corporate massage

Relaxing company massages for well-being in the workplace. Reduce stress and increase productivity.


Workshops for companies

Essential workshops: stress management, relaxation, meditation and more. Invest in well-being for a resilient team.


Individual programs

Tailor-made individual programs for personal growth, well-being and success. Achieve your goals with targeted guidance.

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