Meditation workshop

Meditation workshop

Meditation: it's simple and healthy! What exactly is meditation, what are its effects, and how do you start?

Meditation revolves around (mental) silence. You let your mind relax by fully focusing on the here and now. It can be practiced in various ways; there isn't just one correct method. 

Many people believe that emptying your mind is necessary when meditating, but that's not the case. The most important thing is not to try to control or push away your thoughts. It's more about observing and accepting the thoughts that arise in your mind. You let them come, listen to them, and then let them pass. 

In meditation, everything revolves around conscious breathing. Breathing is an important tool to bring your attention to the present moment. You do this by repeatedly bringing your attention back to your breath while letting thoughts and sensations come and go. 

If you make it a habit to meditate regularly, you'll notice that your mind truly becomes calmer. It has many positive effects: reducing frustration, improving concentration, aiding in letting go of difficult emotions, reducing stress, and teaching you to live more in the moment. 

You can make it a habit to bring this simple attention exercise into your daily life, even in the workplace. Just a few minutes several times a day are enough to spend your day with much less stress. 

Discover the beneficial effect of meditation in this 45-minute workshop.

Meditation workshop

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