Workshop dealing with stress

Stress management workshop

In this comprehensive workshop, participants gain insight into the various facets of stress and how they dominate your life.

You'll explore the stressors and energy drainers in your life and learn how to incorporate more relaxation, even amid a busy job. You'll learn to shift the balance from negative to positive. This way, you self-monitor your energy levels and find more joy in your work and personal life.

This workshop blends theory and practical exercises, offering useful tools and practices to effectively learn relaxation techniques.

After this workshop, you will:

  • Understand what stress, overwhelm, and burnout are
  • Gain knowledge about how our brain functions in stress situations and its impact on our performance
  • Gain insight into what causes your stress and recognize stress signals
  • Be able to listen to and take seriously the signals from your body
  • Set boundaries in a healthy manner and make conscious choices that are good for you
  • Relax whenever you want
  • Learn solution-oriented and positive thinking
  • Learn to redirect rumination toward relaxed and constructive thinking
  • Handle difficult situations more efficiently
  • Transform stress into resilience


½ day to 1-day workshop: Introduction to what stress exactly is. This workshop provides insight into what personally causes you stress and equips you with several tools to manage it. 

2 to 3-day workshop: In-depth self-examination of your stressors and energy drainers. Through practical tips, exercises, and self-reflection, you will learn to train your resilience.

Workshop dealing with stress

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